I’ll tell you a story. A real story about what is happening in the world now. About those who started it all. About their goals, interests and the true state of affairs. These and subsequent texts will be written taking into account the impossibility of grammatical and spelling expertise. This will not change the essence of the text. This will be written for changes. fast and sharp. In order to survive for everyone who reads this. Without going into conspiracy theories. please do not class me as a banal conspiracy trend. I know after spreading the truth, they will try to present everything in this light. But it’s’ too late.

If you have read this paragraph — well, let’s get started.

The world is ruled by unworthy and damned people. Or rather, not people for a long time. In future publications, I will provide you with documentary evidence of everything. The truth must be revealed.

Let’s start with the postulates.

1. Do not trust your state and their representatives. Wherever you are. This is the first important rule.

2. Use alternative mechanisms of what is customary to count with money. Cryptocurrency only. Monero. With full anonymization settings, as they have been able to track it for a long time. Use but only for the time being. Soon, the rest of the money will no longer make sense. Bitcoin does not justify itself. And it never will.

3. Do not use social networks and blogs. Messengers. Mail accounts and so on where socialization has dragged you in.

4. Nobody will be able to hide from the upcoming events. Therefore, there is only one way to prevent them. rallying all together.

5. You will be deceived. Anytime and anywhere. Want to know the truth — stay tuned.

Anyone who is concerned about what it is about — will understand. He who can think will see the truth.

The time has come. Satoshi.

Further will be the truth. There is no stopping her.

The light has come.

Satoshi Nakamoto. One of one///